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    Coacher Mustering

    Savannah contracting provide a safe and low-stress mustering service for clients. We provide experienced staff who know how to get the job done. Savannah use a combination of buggies, bikes and quads and have the expertise to muster quiet cattle as well as feral stock. We can tailor mustering programs to specific client requests, and have a large portable yard which gives us the ability to take the yard to the cattle.



    Bull Catching and Feral Cattle

    Savannah Contracting have experienced staff and a substantial fleet of buggies, 6x6 trucks, single deck crates and a portable yard that permits access to some of the roughest terrain. This allows Savannah Contracting to catch Bulls and safely transport them to a staging yard where they are watered and fed.



    Savannah Contracting is experienced in many different types of fencing including pastoral fence construction, residential fencing and commercial property/mining fencing. We have an extensive assortment of fencing equipment including a grader, loader, pneumatic dolly, large compressor and a bob-cat with post hole attachment. These tools allow Savannah Contracting to complete the job safely and efficiently, no matter how big or small the job.



    Poly Welding

    At Savanah Contracting we have our own Poly Welder which is designed for numerous applications. This can be used for tank liners, trough liners, poly pipe welding and general poly repairs to name a few.



    Yard Building

    We have a large amount of metal work tooling for yard building. Savannah Contracting has completed jobs from patch up and repairs, right through to complete rebuilds. We have pipe squashers, cut-off saws, numerous welders and grinders, as well as a bob-cat with many attachments. Savannah has completed yards with many materials, from drill rod right through to cattle rail, and has the expertise to build a strong, safe and efficient yard that will promote safe low stress working areas for both man and beast.


    Trough and Trough Aprons

    Savannah Contracting have vast experience in concrete work. We have a large agitator plant and bobcat used for trough aprons, along with all the appropriate form work. We can rebuild old existing trough aprons, or build a new apron and trough from the ground up. Aprons can be tailored to specific size and dimensions depending on surrounding soils.


    Cattle Grids

    Savannah Contracting can install grids both above ground and inground.